Friday, December 25, 2015

usbackroads destination--Snake River Invasive Bird Project 2015

usbackroads destination--Snake River Invasive Bird Project 2015

Trip dates: October 22, 2015- November 2, 2015

Another year, another Snake River Invasive Bird Project. We had high hopes that the pheasant population would be dramatically higher given the dry spring.

Changes were afoot this year. The 5th wheel was safely parked in Benson, Arizona. The Casita would be the RV of choice this year. The 17 foot Casita fits two in love, but one is the preferable capacity.  In fact, it is so small that Bugaboo was sleeping in the Dodge Ram. So since I was NOT that in love with Terry and since he sold his 5th wheel that meant he would be sleeping in a tent.

Notice the water containers to hold up the tent.  We were hoping that the infamous Snake River windstorms would not make an appearance this year. Alas, that was not the case.  The good news is that the egg shape of the Casita made it warm, quiet and cozy to sleep. Well, for Terry it was a little more interesting.  This is the tent after the windstorm.

So we parked the trucks around the tent. Anchored it to a log and put coolers inside and out to keep the tent from moving. Next year any tent company that wants us to test their designs we are willing to put them to the test.

The Casita was perfect for a windstorm!

I did notice that the Casita comes with its own night lights. A couple of LED lights on the fridge.  Light's up the entire trailer at night. I just covered with a towel at night. 

Once we settled we started hunting. For Bugaboo he was a "professional" this year. Slow and efficient, never got excited. Just pointed the birds and brought them back IF I hit them. I ended up with 15 birds for this trip. It was, however, a rocky start to the season> I finally shot my first bird on day four. Things did improve after that.

For Paul and Terry there were some steep, long walks on the hillsides above the lake.

This year, after a few hunts the boys decided to sleep in during the afternoon hunt. Bugaboo and I joined them for a nap.

One frosty morning the entire crew got ready for the hunt. I think it must have been Halloween. I believe they have the 400 square inches of hunter orange covered.

The campsite was again the perfect spot for catching those elusive steelheads heading to Idaho. I think I am going to work on having Bugaboo bark when the bobber goes down. It seems the bell on the rod is not doing its job! 

This is Buggy wondering if he really was up for the job of fishing dog. Might be a good retirement gig for when the nose and the legs go south. 

We fished after returning from hunting. I did finally hook a smallmouth bass. Even landed it. However, the steelhead are still swimming free in Idaho.

The sun finally set on our campsite after the 14 day limit. Next year, same time, same place.