Friday, February 12, 2016

usbackroads trip--Wenatchee to Benson

usbackroads trip--Wenatchee to Benson

Hunting season is winding down and Christmas rental rush at Camas is slowing down so it must mean that it is time to hook up the Casita and head down to join Susie in sunny Benson, Arizona. As you can see by the driveway in Wenatchee it was snowy and icy. With El Nino the promise of warm, sunny weather in Arizona was in doubt. See our trip from 2010 when it was cold and wet in Arizona, while staying warm in Wenatchee.  And of course, last year we experienced several days in Tampa Bay where it was colder than Wenatchee!!

It was a run for the Gadsden Purchase, In a very bad move, northern Senators decided against purchasing Baja California. A move that I sure the residents of Michigan and other northern states, regret to this day. IF that had come to pass, this trip would have been a run to Baja for sure!

The plan was to drive around just under 400 miles a day and staying in places camped before to minimize the time looking for a "home" every night. This turned out to be a great plan and let me revisit so nice spots on the trip.

The first stop was Armitage County Park.  However, I needed daylight to leave Wenatchee given that there might have been black ice on the road.  Pulling out about 9:00 am I was hoping to make it to Eugene before dark.  Stopped to see a friend in Corvallis and promptly saw the heavy traffic that reminded me of urban areas. The Armitage Park fee is now up to $35, but they have added showers and the high speed internet was great as always.

Next concern,, was Siskiyou Pass.  This time it was clear and dry, but with lots of RV'ers heading south since the forecast for the following day was SNOW! It was a great drive and I made it to Red Bluff Recreation Area in time to take Bugaboo for a run and a walk.  He did get to chase his favorite tennis ball for well over an hour.

The next day was the dreaded drive through Sacramento all the way to Bakersfield and Orange Grove RV Park.  The California State Patrol is still enforcing 55MPH for truck and trailers so it was a slow drive.  Entering Bakersfield, there was a new freeway and the GPS showed me plowing through "nothing". It was a good thing the audio was turned off as "Phyllis" was probably totally confused.  So was I. One wrong turn, but I did recover in time to get to Orange Grove to pick some oranges and watch the playoff game on TV.  One note...east of the RV Park gas is a $1.00 a gallon more than just west of the park.  So fill up before getting there.

The next days drive was to Bullhead City.  And I believe the driving caught up with me at this point. With the big 5th wheel we have stayed at the Davis Camp Park, but with the Casita I could fit in the National Park Service campground just a couple of miles up the road.

By the next day, I took a "short" drive to Congress, Arizona and the Escapees Park.  Then it was a short day to Benson, Arizona.  So total drive time of five  and a half days.  Bugaboo slept most of the way.

I was glad to finally being able to walk instead of sitting all day.

Benson, Arizona is a great destination..  Lots of public land, dark skies, and for those needing urban amenities.  There is a Super Wal-Mart, a Safeway, and a True Value hardware store.  What more could you want.

The southwest is a hot bed for alien activity. Yes, Roswell, New Mexico is not that far away.  And being retired I am discovering ALL sorts of paranormal stuff!!  Remember the post on Sasquatch and the Yosemite Valley?

Benson is also famous for being the topic of a country and western song where the theory of relativity is discussed. The song was in the movie "Dark Star". You should be able to find the movie on UTube.  I was first told of the movie by a Department of Defense employee.  If you can't find the movie, click on this link for the song.....Benson, Arizona.

The important part starts at the one minute mark where the Alien escapes and starts roaming the ship. It is a rather unique looking Alien.

So I am walking Bugaboo at in the desert around Benson when underneath a cactus I spot THIS!! Look carefully, and you will see that it is an EXACT clone of the Alien in Dark Sky, except for size and markings. So I was not sure if it was a "immature" Alien or maybe a sub-species.  I am not sure why he was in Benson, but maybe to check out why the Dark Star crew had such found memories of Benson??

Well, there are disadvantages to meeting a small Alien with a hunting dog. In a nano-second Bugaboo was on the Alien and I heard one loud "eeeeeeeeK" and that was all.

Around Benson there are lots of black helicopters flying around, as well a blimps and the roads are covered with folks driving in government vehicles. When I got back to the trailhead I asked the government person parked there what he was doing. He said something about searching for Aliens.

I quietly said good-by and slowly drove back to the RV Park.  Bugaboo did not appear to be showing any remorse, but at least he looked less guilty than me.

That night I tried calling Coast to Coast AM to report my sighting.  You can listen to Coast to Coast on multiple stations throughout the United States any where in the United States.....except in Benson. No signal. Oh plenty of radio stations on the air, but none carrying Coast to Coast.  Is the government blocking the broadcast!!!

Hopefully, I will find another Alien out on the desert. and offer my apologies.