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usbackroads products--Casita Trailer Part 2

usbackroads products--Casita Trailer Part .

This blog posting will focus on the interior of the Casita.

The front portion of the Casita has a closet and the wet bath. There is a small window in the bathroom and a power vent directly over the shower area.

That front door closet is a complete winner. Lots of room for hanging jackets and storage for various items. The small size of the Casita makes it important to have places to hang things rather than throwing them around the trailer.

As you can see the closet will fit enough jackets to handle most weather conditions. I also found it a very handy spot to store my fly rods and fishing vest. There is room for storage on the floor for shoes and other items. The closet door must be opened from inside the trailer. At first, I thought it better to open the other way. But if it is raining outside it is helpful to put on your coat before exiting the trailer.

The bathroom has a very small sink. That blue item next to the mouthwash is the sink. Directly down below is a waterproof cabinet for storing toiletries. Nice touch having all that stuff out of the way in the bath room. The shower is directly next to the bathroom door. There is a shower curtain that covers the bathroom door and keeps water from entering the living area.  It is important not to forget putting the shower curtain up to cover the door. Yes, water gets into the living area fairly quickly and it is easy to forget when the door is closed.

The throne is actually a bit high both otherwise fine. The shower could use a wooden "floor" to stand on while taking a shower. Everything does get wet in a "wet bath" so you have to dry yourself and the bathroom when finished.

The fridge and microwave unit are right next to the entry door. Notice the shelf on the fridge where the toilet paper is located. Nice shelf. I use if for placing my contact lenses at night.  We do keep a cutting board on the shelf. That and the small dinette are one of the few food preparation areas.

The fridge is good sized. For folks that are totally into boondocking you can turn down the fridge temperature so it functions more as a freezer than a fridge.  Then use a cooler for the fridge. As you can see from the photo the sink and kitchen area is quite small. It is small enough that you will probably change your cooking methods and dinners. We started looking at microwave dinners that minimized the washing of dishes. I think a necessary accessory is a barbecue grill.

After fixing a meal.  The dinette is where you get to enjoy the rewards of all that work. As you can see in the photo the surface area is fairly small. But it is adequate. The cushion chairs are ok, but some Casita owners have replaced them with rotating chairs.

The Casita is narrow and short. That means the combination bed and large dinette is oriented along the width of the trailer. That means in the middle of the night the "trapped" person will have to climb over to get to the bathroom facilities. This is why the Casita is perfect for one or two people that are very much in love. It also helps if they are young and in love since that will help limit the trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

During hunting and fishing seasons it is simple to sleep on part of the bed and use the back half for storage. It can get messy on that half of the bed. I did run into one Casita owner that has lived in his Casita for almost 20 years. He converted the bed full bed into a twin. Left a place to dangle his feet and set-up a electronic keyboard complete with speakers to play his music. So for one, there are many things you can do with the back half of the bed. Of course, under the bed is one of the "big" storage areas.

Here are all the storage areas in the Casita. They are fairly limited. Most owners of Casita's get plastic storage boxes hold their treasures. The tow vehicle becomes a rolling storage area. There are plenty of people full-timing in a Casita. It is important in those cases to manage your "stuff".

These are the storage areas above the bed. They do have a sloping back so the storage is less than expected.

This is the storage above the dinette. Long skinny thing fit well here.

This shows the all important cutlery drawer as well as the under the sink storage.

And finally, the storage underneath the seats.

So there it is. A small egg shaped trailer with carpeting on the walls instead of the floor!!  Next blog posting will be about living in a Casita.

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