Friday, August 26, 2016

cabackroads--Congdon Lake Provincial Park, Yukon Territory, Canada

cabackroads--Congdon Lake Provincial Park, Yukon Territory, Canada

dates of stay--August 6th, 2016

Leaving Haines was planned for a sunny day. The road was cloudy, rainy and misty so much of the scenery was hidden behind a layer of gray on the way into Haines. The way out I made sure that we would have clear weather.

On the way we stopped at Guardsman Lake for some fishing and dog walking. I almost stepped on these eggs on the way to the lake.

At first I thought somebody had thrown away chicken eggs since they were a perfect match for size. Next to the eggs was this fellow. I am not sure if he was part of the egg batch or not. He looks like a stellar jay to me, but the size of eggs suggest a crow. An untimely end, before his life even got started.

From Hanes there were plenty of stops and interesting scenery. Our final destination for the night was Congdon Lake Provincial Park.

As the opening picture shows it also had a dandy playground. There were plenty of signs about bear warnings and the campground was recommended for trailers ONLY as a result. Nice sign about bears. As always click on picture to enlarge so it is readable.

Just a few short miles west of the campground this fellow was walking along the Alaskan Highway. He definitely acted like he knew he was on the top of the food chain in the area. Not a concern in the world on his stroll.

He definitely looks like a grizzly. A pumped up version of a black bear.


niko the wolf said...

I am going to have a hard time getting to all the places I am adding to my list as a result of reading your blog. Thanks.

Vladimir Steblina said...

It has been an interesting trip.

The best spots are in the Provincial Parks and other "official" sites. Otherwise you end up camping in a gravel pit in many cases.

In Canada, the Indians and treaty rights issues are only now starting to be addressed. So lots of areas along the route as starting to be managed by the First Nation's peoples. I suspect as a result there will be many changes in the near future.

The AlCan and other roads in the area are changing at a rapid clip. It is no longer an "adventure" like in the past, but still an area well worth visiting.