Thursday, August 11, 2016

cabackroads destination--Boya Lakes Provincial Park, Stewart-Cassier Highway, British Columbia, Canada

cabackroads destination--Boya Lakes Provincial Park, Stewart-Cassier Highway, British Columbia, Canada.

dates stayed: July 26-31, 2016

As noted earlier the Provincial Parks along the Cassier Highway are the most scenic spots along the route. The best of the best of these parks is Boya Lakes Provincial Park. All the folks we talked to along the road recommended the park and spending several days there canoeing and kayaking. 

The fishing was also suppose to be good. I did not see a fish caught or even one jumping during the five days we spent at the park.

There are some great campsites right on the water where you can launch your boat or kayak.

Just beyond the lakefront row of campsites are larger and more private campsites just one level up from the lake.

We spent five days waiting for the weather to clear. It teased by providing a bit of sunshine every day, but lots of rain both day and night. So on most days it was rather cloudy. Enough so that the solar panels never did manage to recharge the battery in the Casita.

Oh well, we did manage to get out on the lake with the kayaks on several days. One time, I just made it back to the campsite when the heavens opened up in a deluge. Perfect timing, and as they say luck is everything.

There are a couple of short hiking trails that go through the forest to a beaver ponds.  It was a nice short walk for Bugaboo, but a real treat for Snowpatch as he really started to explore. The "good citizenship" collar was necessary to bring him back to the trail.

The highlight of the five days was a rainstorm and the rainbow when it cleared. Now rainbows are normally associated with the sky. After all that is where rainbows are found.

But this rainbow must have known that the lake was there. It really showed that both rainbows and lakes are both made of water and just maybe they have more in common with each other than the sky. A real delightful rainbow.

The picture shows the beauty of Boya Lakes. A wonderful area to explore in a canoe or kayak. Lots of fingers to explore and islands to beach and have a picnic. A special spot. Well worth spending several days even it rains every day.

Oh yeah, around the lake there are some pretty interesting mountains. But the lake is really the draw.

Here is the link to the "official" site:

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Al and Sharon said...

Loved your photo of the beautiful low rainbow. We have never seen one like it.

On our return travels from AK we spent one full afternoon and night at Boya Lakes in very cloudy weather. Beautiful lake. I was able to walk both trails. The one to the beaver dam & lodge was the most interesting.

I have been enjoying reading the blog of your Alaska Trip.

Al & Sharon