Tuesday, August 16, 2016

cabackroads--Timber Point, Yukon Territory

cabackroads--Timber Point, Yukon Territory.

dates stayed--July 31st, 2016

Leaving Boya Lakes we headed for the Alcan Highway. The need was for a laundromat and a dump station, with the priority being a dump station after five days of filling the black and gray water tanks.

Whitehorse was the preferred destination, but it was doubtful that a single day drive would get us there. The drive was much faster than the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. Yes, civilization has better highways than the outback.

Along the way Rancheria Falls was a short hike from the highway. Someday I will have to look up the meaning of Rancheria Falls since the name is found throughout the west.

A short hike on trail and boardwalk brings you to a cliff and scenic overlook.

At the scenic overlook Snowpatch decided to go cliff jumping, but stopped just before launch. One of these two girls almost did the same.

From there, we headed to the Yukon Motel and their dump station. Highly recommended.

They did have a nice campground there, but we decided to pass.

At a highway stop for construction we asked the flagger about camping spots up the road. She was not high on the Provincial Park and instead recommended a private campground with no water, no electricity, and no sewer for $20 a night. That is the spot we picked. Photo of our campsite is on top of this blog.

However, the attraction was the beach. Both Bugaboo and Snowpatch enjoyed the swimming in cold waters. The scenery was outstanding. The quiet was deafening.

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