Thursday, August 18, 2016

cabackroads-Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

cabackroads-Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

dates stayed--August 1-3, 2016

It is said that the key to happiness is low expectations. The expectations for Whitehorse were a RV campground with sewer so we could dump and a laundromat to wash and dry all the clothes that had started mildewing from never getting completely dry. Plus we needed a Canadian Tire for needed supplies and a good grocery store.

Entering Whitehorse we noticed the rather odd highway system with right lanes that appeared and disappeared without rhyme or reason. Must have been laid out by a Civil Engineer from the University of Washington. It was a reason to dislike the town, but its good charm and looks soon overcome the initial impression.

The RV park was just south of town and noisy from adjacent road noise at our campsite, but it had a great laundromat and dump station!

The Canadian Tire had nothing that we were looking to find, but the adjacent Wal-Mart did. The Wal-Mart parking lot was a sight to behold as it was totally full of RV's. The Canadian Super Store had a great grocery department and the shopping was complete.

Whitehorse has a great 2.5 km bicycle trail that goes past the SS Klondike (see picture above) and along the banks of the Yukon River. Nice trail, well worth the bicycle or walking trip. The bicycle trail does go past a small campground.

The campground can only accept small RV's and it is without electricity, water, or sewer. Still worth the stay if you can fit. Where else can you find an outdoor living room that instantly transports back to 1968 and the start of the hippie movement.

Nice wood stove? The only downside was dogs were NOT allowed on the couch's! Really man's best friend and he has to be on the floor.  They have real ice cream next door to the living room. The bike trail and campground are well worth the stop.

The SS Klondike is a historical site managed by the Canadian government. No charge for admission and it is right on the bike trail. Here is a view of the "storage" area on the boat.

Stroll through the downtown area. It has one of the best outdoor stores I have seen. There was a free concert in the outdoor park. Oh, parking in the downtown area is free for those with non-Yukon plates to encourage tourism.

I tried to find a "hearty" breakfast place but failed. Whitehorse looks like a blue collar working town so I was hopeful for a good solid breakfast place. I did run into a local that informed me I was incorrect. Whitehorse is a "government" town full of Canadian federal employees, which is why breakfast tended to be on the "foo-foo" side!

An early dinner at the Klondike restaurant with a baked Halibut dip, and fish and chips made up the lack of a good breakfast in town. Be warned, there is a line and they do not take reservations. You can just walk in at 3:30 pm with no waiting.

One thing we first noticed in Whitehorse is the practice of "dumping" old vehicles and converting them into art work. Recycling at its best I suppose.

Whitehorse is a pretty interesting community. Well worth, at least a couple of days stay on the trip north.

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