Monday, August 29, 2016

usbackroads--Deadman Lake, Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

usbackroads--Deadman Lake, Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Coming back into the United States all was fine, until. This guy didn't care about my being born in Venezuela. Never asked about guns. Just wanted the truck registration so he did not have to go outside and key in the license plate into the computer.

Until he asked about did we have any citrus that we were bringing into the United States. I innocently asked "Is there a citrus industry in Alaska that needs protecting?". Don't ask silly questions unless you want to visit the "little" room at every border crossing.

The search for an overnight stop ended at the US Fish and Wildlife Service information center just west of the border crossing. In Alaska, US Fish and Wildlife lands are open to boondocking and camping unlike most of those in the states. So we had our choice of campgrounds or boondock locations, but decided to stop at Deadman Lake campground to see what it was like.

We took the first campsite.

Nice campsite close to the lake and reasonable privacy for the dogs. The price was perfect. FREE to campers. Hunters, fishermen, and the US taxpayers picked up the camping fee.

The sites were well spaced. That is the main campground road on the left. In that entire stretch I think there is ONE campsite. This campground had the most widely spaced spurs that I have ever seen in my entire career.

Nice interpretive trail through the taiga forest.

For me I walked down to the lake and took pictures of pond weed.

Great campground.  Here is the official link:

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