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cabackroads destination--Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

cabackroads destination--Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

Augusst 18, 2016

I am not sure where Sgt. Preston and his dog were stationed but it might have been Dawson City!

Dawson City was on the list for this trip.

The Yukon resonated with American's in the early 1900's. Between 1896 and 1899 100,000 people migrated to the Kondike to find their fame and fortune. I suspect it was the poems of Robert Service and the books by Jack London that forever made Dawson City part of America as well as Canada folklore. I did enjoy the Call of the Wild in high school English class.  In the 1950's Sgt. Preston was on the radio and TV screens. Even on the country and western charts the song Saginaw, Michigan by Lefty Frizzell had the Klondyke as a major theme.

The good news was that Dawson City, Yukon lived up to all the hype. Half the town is run by Parks Canada and the other half is still a working, living town. A great place to spend a couple of days. Bicycles are perfect for getting around town as most of the town is mostly flat.

So with the pictures....the question is Parks Canada or current Dawson City?? This is  neat Camera Obscura since you walk in for the view. More info here..... This one goes to Parks Canada.

CIBC bank centre. Yeah, I know Canadians cannot spell. This was my bank when I lived in Canada. The choices were between the Bank of Nova Scotia and CIBC. Back in the 70's CIBC was rather proud of their IMPERIAL past. So on my checks it was the Canadian IMPERIAL Bank of Commerce. As a UC Berkeley grad I could not pass the opportunity to use a IMPERIAL bank to impress my friends. Yeah, I banked with Wells Fargo in the 70's for the same reason. These days it is ALL credit unions. So this is working, living town.

The next one is easy. But I loved the false front. Working, living town.

I assume this is Parks Canada. Hopefully in the near future it will be "square".

An easy one. Living and working town. Notice the ads for Carthart and Leatherman.

Robert Service interpretative sign and cabin. Parks Canada. Notice the caribou rack on top of the cabin. A "required" decorating item throughout the Yukon and Alaska. I do believe the local HOA's insist on the caribou rack. Parks Canada.

Next picture....well this is easy. Working and living town grocery store.

and then.................

Then that fellow Jack London's digs. We are also back to Parks Canada.

Finally right on the shore of the Yukon River...Parks Canada. Next to the ship is a memorial to the sinking of the Princess Sophia. Here is the complete story that you can read:

The memorial lists all the dead including their purchased ticket....first class or second class. Imagine you decide to save some money on a trip and purchase a second class ticket. Then for the rest of time along the banks of the Yukon a memorial with your name and the fact you purchased a "second class" ticket. It was interesting reading the names and determining the social structure in Dawson City, 1918.

Canada these days is a much more civilized country. So much so that the citizens ask for their property back from thieves.

Here is the RV campground in town. I stayed on the "other" side of the river in a Yukon Campground. I would stay in town next time. As noted earlier, bring you bicycle for around town exploring.

The Yukon River and Dawson City are linked forever. Dawson City a great stop along the Canadian backroads. Well worth the day's drive from Whitehorse or approach from the Top of the World Highway. A high point along the 6750 mile trip.

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