Wednesday, December 28, 2016

cabackroads--Looking for Sun, not just on the British Columbia flag.

cabackroads--Looking for Sun, not just on the British Columbia flag.

travel dates: August 18 through 21st, 2016.

The weather in Dawson City was rain at night and then a perfect sunny day for exploring the town. That soon changed as the rain started falling during the day as well as night.

The decision was made to drive in the rain and stop in the sun.

The first leg from Dawson City towards Whitehorse it was rainy and cloudy for the entire trip. The more ominous sign, however, was that the leaves on the trees were turning color. Giving hints that soon that rain would turn white. Towing on a snow covered road is an adventure. In fact, it is better to just say no and wait for the roads to clear. In the Yukon that could mean NEXT May.

Whitehorse was no better. More rain. I still think Whitehorse is a special town, but in a cold rain it does lose some of its outdoor charm.

The weather cleared as we left Whitehorse, but now I was traveling on the same road that I drove just a month earlier. It did give me the chance to stop and fish for arctic grayling. It was a nice spot to run the dogs and cast a line. I did catch a nice fat grayling that was about 15 inches or so. That dorsal fin is something special on the fish.

The highlight on this stretch of road was High Lake in British Columbia. This is where the Stewart-Cassier highway meets the Alaska Highway.  It is a short few miles from the junction and the perfect place to spend the night. With the amplifier I did manage to make a data connection, but it was not a good as the previous month.

The sign forest was visited again in Watson Lake. A tourist trap stop that is actually a great stop with anybody that has a understanding of geography. I was impressed with the small towns in Idaho and Washington that posted their signs in the "forest".
The "Sign Forest" also has a good visitor center with Wi-Fi.

Once leaving Watson Lake the weather improved and so did the scenery. Watson Lake is a small town.

From Watson Lake it was all new territory since the way north was on the Stewart-Cassier Highway. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some Woods Buffalo and Laird Hot Springs including the award winning design of  the facility at the springs.