Friday, March 22, 2013

Alamo, Nevada to Boise, Idaho--Running Against the Wind

Alamo, Nevada to Boise, Idaho--Running Against the Wind.

We left sunny, warm Alamo and started heading north and right away started running into cool  weather and wind.  Is the picture above showing high winds aloft?  The wind slowed our speed down to 45 to 50 MPH for stretches at a time.  We did notice this sign just outside of Alamo and given the design of the aircraft I suspect it might be a bit more stable in high winds than the box that is our 5th wheel.

There is a rest area right at the junction of Hwy 318 and Hwy 375.  Given its location relative to roads it might catch every headlight all night long!

There is a state of Nevada wildlife area adjacent to the rest area, but it appears that camping is not allowed there.  Here is the link to information on the area:

We fought the headwind all the way to Ely, Nevada.  It was only about 140 miles but seemed much longer than that!!  We opted not to boondock this time at the Sinclair gas station.  So we stayed at the Prospector Hotel and RV Park.  It was $15 a night for full hookups and wireless internet.  Great breakfast in the hotel.  Entry and existing was somewhat tricky.  I would enter south of the hotel, go around the back and down into the RV Park and the six pull-throughs.  I exited by heading north right in front of the hotel.  That Texaco station across the street was the last gas for many miles!!

Heading north on 93 we ran into Bugaboo's old friend the Pony Express rider.  However, Bugaboo remembered that he did not play with him two years ago so and ignored him.  Snowpatch, on the other hand, thought that the Pony Express rider was a friend of that "Giant Quail" in Gila Bend and refused to even come close.  Here is 2010 posting on the route to Jackpot.  Notice that the rest area has been rebuilt.

We continued north in high winds until finally reaching Jackpot.  The review is here.  The water was still off at the campground and was not scheduled to be turned on until May.  So get your tank filled before setting up. The lower campground does has drinking water that can be used to fill your tanks.

After Jackpot we decided to head to Boise.  We took Highway 20 through Buhl and that was a great route hitting I-84 west of Twin Falls.

We braved the traffic and landed at Riverside RV Park in Boise.

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