Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog Summary--usbackroads recommended products

Blog Summary--usbackroads recommended products

This is a summary listing of products that I use and have found worthwhile to have in the middle of somewhere.

As always you can support this blog by clicking on the product and entering Amazon through usbackroads.  I do get a small commission for products purchased through usbackroads and that helps support this site.  Thank you, I really appreciate your support.

Garmin 255W GPS
Buying Backroads Maps
Image Stablilized Binoculars
FSR Handheld Radio's
Music Players for the backroads
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Learning to Use Map and Compass
Under Garments for backroads
Over Garments for backroads

The following two entries are reviews of the Pentax k-x digital single lens reflex camera.  It has been replaced by the Pentax k-r.  However, it is still on sale for a short while longer.  The k-x is probably the last digital SLR that will run on AA batteries.  This is a great feature for backroads, since you always have batteries charged and ready.  The k-r is also a good camera, but it does not directly take AA's.

Pentax k-x Camera--Part One
Pentax k-x Camera--Part Two

Listening to the outside world means AM radio due to atmospheric skip.  This antenna will dramatically improve your AM radio reception.  One of the wonders of the world, that hardly anybody knows about!!

AM Compact Loop Antenna
AM Radio's for backroads use

Sooner or later you are going to get an e-book reader.  They are ready for prime time now!!  The only thing I would add to the review is that Barnes and Noble is coming out with a cheaper version of the NookColor for $139.  Worth the money if you are primarily into reading books.  Particularly, if you can check out e-books from your library.  Kindle will be able to download epub which is what most libraries use this fall.

E-Book Readers

This is now my favorite jacket.  If you are the type of person that is always cold get one of these in the "puffy" style.  That is they look like "puffy" down jacket with the omni-heat product on the inside lining.  I fished in British Columbia this spring with a wind chill in the 20's.  I was warm and comfortable in my inner liner.  So much so that I even unzipped a couple of times since I was getting too warm.  My friend with five layers was cold as the wind penetrated all five layers.  When I gave me the outer jacket he was toasty warm for the rest of the day.  Great product for people who are always cold or for people who are out in the cold. 

Omni-Heat Jackets

Thanks again, for ordering through the usbackroads site and Amazon. 

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